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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HERP?

HERP is the Herpetological Education and Research Project. The project is an effort to bring together amateurs and professionals to collect data on North America's herpetofauna.

Is my data protected and who can view it online?

The data is managed by our database coordinator, Donald Becker. The data is backed up on a weekly basis. Donald Becker (aka "psyon") is the only person who can view all of the data, besides the individual submitting the data. Data can only be viewed down to county level; no specific locales can be viewed by others online or elsewhere.

How do the agencies and researchers see my data?

A request from the interested party is sent to the database coordinator. This request is then posted for all members to vote on whether the interested party receives the data (read the bylaws for specifics).

How many pictures are required for a record?

The short answer: just one. The long answer: as many as are needed to help confirm the ID of the animal. Pictures of key characteristics, such as anal plates, costal grooves, or labial scales, may be needed for certain species of animals.

If I find multiple [INSERT SPECIES] at a single location (under the same cover), should a record be created for each one?


If I find multiple [INSERT SPECIES] at different places at a single locale (ex. a green snake at the north end of snake road, and another mid way down), should a record be created for each?


Should DOR (Dead On Road) animals be recorded?

Yes. Even though the animal is dead, its record is valuable in research.