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Ambystoma Mole Salamanders
Ambystoma altamirani Mountain Stream Siredon
Ambystoma amblycephalum Blunt-headed Salamander
Ambystoma andersoni Anderson's Salamander
Ambystoma annulatum Ringed Salamander
Ambystoma barbouri Streamside Salamander
Ambystoma bishopi Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander
Ambystoma bombypellum Delicateskin Salamander
Ambystoma californiense California Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma cingulatum Frosted Flatwoods Salamander
Ambystoma dumerilii Lake Patzcuaro Salamander
Ambystoma flavipiperatum Yellow-peppered Salamander
Ambystoma gracile Northwestern Salamander
Ambystoma granulosum Granular Salamander
Ambystoma jeffersonianum Jefferson Salamander
Ambystoma laterale Blue-spotted Salamander
Ambystoma leorae Leora's Stream Siredon
Ambystoma lermaense Lake Lerma Salamander
Ambystoma mabeei Mabee's Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum Long-toed Salamander
A. m. columbianum Eastern Long-toed Salamander
A. m. croceum Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
A. m. krausei Northern Long-toed Salamander
A. m. macrodactylum Western Long-toed Salamander
A. m. sigillatum Southern Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma maculatum Spotted Salamander
Ambystoma mavortium Barred Tiger Salamander
A. m. diaboli Gray Tiger Salamander
A. m. mavortium Barred Tiger Salamander
A. m. melanostictum Blotched Tiger Salamander
A. m. nebulosum Arizona Tiger Salamander
A. m. stebbinsi Sonoran Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma mexicanum Axolotl
Ambystoma opacum Marbled Salamander
Ambystoma ordinarium Michoacán Stream Siredon
Ambystoma rivulare Toluca Stream Siredon
Ambystoma rosaceum Tarahumara Salamander
A. r. nigrum Durango Tarahumara Salamander
A. r. rosaceum Common Tarahumara Salamander
Ambystoma silvensis Pine Woods Salamander
Ambystoma subsalsum Alchichica Salamander
Ambystoma talpoideum Mole Salamander
Ambystoma taylori Taylor's Salamander
Ambystoma texanum Small-mouthed Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum Eastern Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma velasci Plateau Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma zempoalaense Lake Zempoala Salamander
Amphiuma Amphiumas
Amphiuma means Two-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma pholeter One-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma tridactylum Three-toed Amphiuma
Aneides Climbing Salamanders
Aneides aeneus Green Salamander
Aneides ferreus Clouded Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus Black Salamander
A. f. flavipunctatus Speckled Black Salamander
A. f. niger Santa Cruz Black Salamander
Aneides hardii Sacramento Mountains Salamander
Aneides lugubris Arboreal Salamander
Aneides vagrans Wandering Salamander
Batrachoseps Slender Salamanders
Batrachoseps attenuatus California Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps campi Inyo Mountains Salamander
Batrachoseps diabolicus Hell Hollow Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps gabrieli San Gabriel Mountains Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps gavilanensis Gabilan Mountains Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps gregarius Gregarious Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps incognitus San Simeon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps kawia Sequoia Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps luciae Santa Lucia Mountains Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps major Garden Slender Salamander
B. m. aridus Desert Slender Salamander
B. m. major Garden Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps minor Lesser Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps nigriventris Black-bellied Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps pacificus Channel Islands Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps regius Kings River Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps relictus Relictual Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps robustus Kern Plateau Salamander
Batrachoseps simatus Kern Canyon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps stebbinsi Tehachapi Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps wrightorum Oregon Slender Salamander
Bolitoglossa Mushroom-tongued Salamanders
Bolitoglossa alberchi Albercht's Salamander
Bolitoglossa engelhardti Engelhardt's Salamander
Bolitoglossa flavimembris Yellow-legged Salamander
Bolitoglossa flaviventris Yellow-bellied Salamander
Bolitoglossa franklini Franklin's Salamander
B. f. franklini Common Franklin's Salamander
B. f. nigroflavescens Black-bellied Salamander
Bolitoglossa hartwegi Hartweg's Salamander
Bolitoglossa hermosa Guerreran Salamander
Bolitoglossa lincolni Lincoln's Salamander
Bolitoglossa macrinii Oaxaca Salamander
Bolitoglossa mexicana Mexican Mushroom-tongued Salamander
Bolitoglossa mulleri Müller's Mushroom-tongued Salamander
Bolitoglossa oaxacensis Atoyac Salamander
Bolitoglossa occidentalis Southern Banana Salamander
Bolitoglossa odonnelli O'Donnell's Salamander
Bolitoglossa platydactyla Broad-footed Salamander
Bolitoglossa riletti Rilett's Salamander
Bolitoglossa rostrata Longnose Mushroomtounge Salamander
Bolitoglossa rufescens Northern Banana Salamander
Bolitoglossa stuarti Stuart's Mushroomtongue Salamander
Bolitoglossa veracrucis Veracruz Salamander
Bolitoglossa yucatana Yucatán Mushroom-tongued Salamander
Bolitoglossa zapoteca Zapotec Salamander
Chiropterotriton Flat-footed Salamanders
Chiropterotriton arboreus Arboreal Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton chiropterus Common Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton chondrostega Gristlehead Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton cracens Graceful Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton dimidiatus Dwarf Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton lavae Pigmy Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton magnipes Big-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton mosaueri Cave Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton multidentatus Toothy Salamander
Chiropterotriton orculus Cope's Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton priscus Primeval Flat-footed Salamander
Chiropterotriton terrestris Terrestrial Flat-footed Salamander
Cryptobranchus Hellbenders
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis Hellbender
C. a. alleganiensis Eastern Hellbender
C. a. bishopi Ozark Hellbender
Cryptotriton Hidden Salamanders
Cryptotriton adelos Sierra Juarez Salamander
Cryptotriton alvarezdeltoroi Alvarez Del Toro's Salamander
Cynops Fire-bellied Newts
Cynops orientalis Chinese Fire-bellied Newt
Dendrotriton Bromeliad Salamanders
Dendrotriton megarhinus Long-nosed Bromeliad Salamander
Dendrotriton xolocalcae Xolocalco Bromeliad Salamander
Desmognathus Dusky Salamanders
Desmognathus abditus Cumberland Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus aeneus Seepage Salamander
Desmognathus apalachicolae Apalachicola Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus auriculatus Southern Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus brimleyorum Ouachita Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus carolinensis Carolina Mountain Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus conanti Spotted Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus folkertsi Dwarf Black-bellied Salamander
Desmognathus fuscus Northern Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus imitator Imitator Salamander
Desmognathus marmoratus Shovel-nosed Salamander
Desmognathus monticola Seal Salamander
Desmognathus ochrophaeus Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus ocoee Ocoee Salamander
Desmognathus orestes Blue Ridge Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus quadramaculatus Black-bellied Salamander
Desmognathus santeetlah Santeetlah Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus welteri Black Mountain Salamander
Desmognathus wrighti Pygmy Salamander
Dicamptodon Pacific Giant Salamanders
Dicamptodon aterrimus Idaho Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon copei Cope's Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon ensatus California Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus Coastal Giant Salamander
Ensatina Ensatinas
Ensatina eschscholtzii Ensatina
E. e. croceater Yellow-blotched Ensatina
E. e. eschscholtzii Monterey Ensatina
E. e. klauberi Large-blotched Ensatina
E. e. oregonensis Oregon Ensatina
E. e. picta Painted Ensatina
E. e. platensis Sierra Nevada Ensatina
E. e. xanthoptica Yellow-eyed Ensatina
Eurycea Brook Salamanders
Eurycea aquatica Dark-sided Salamander
Eurycea bislineata Northern Two-lined Salamander
Eurycea chamberlaini Chamberlain's Dwarf Salamander
Eurycea chisholmensis Salado Salamander
Eurycea cirrigera Southern Two-lined Salamander
Eurycea guttolineata Three-lined Salamander
Eurycea junaluska Junaluska Salamander
Eurycea latitans Cascade Caverns Salamander
Eurycea longicauda Long-tailed Salamander
E. l. longicauda Long-tailed Salamander
E. l. melanopleura Dark-sided Salamander
Eurycea lucifuga Cave Salamander
Eurycea multiplicata Many-ribbed Salamander
Eurycea nana San Marcos Salamander
Eurycea naufragia Georgetown Salamander
Eurycea neotenes Texas Salamander
Eurycea pterophila Fern Bank Salamander
Eurycea quadridigitata Dwarf Salamander
Eurycea rathbuni Texas Blind Salamander
Eurycea robusta Blanco Blind Salamander
Eurycea sosorum Barton Springs Salamander
Eurycea spelaea Grotto Salamander
Eurycea tonkawae Jollyville Plateau Salamander
Eurycea tridentifera Comal Blind Salamander
Eurycea troglodytes Valdina Farms Salamander
Eurycea tynerensis Oklahoma Salamander
Eurycea waterlooensis Austin Blind Salamander
Eurycea wilderae Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander
Gyrinophilus Spring Salamanders
Gyrinophilus gulolineatus Berry Cave Salamander
Gyrinophilus palleucus Tennessee Cave Salamander
G. p. necturoides Big Mouth Cave Salamander
G. p. palleucus Pale Salamander
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus Spring Salamander
G. p. danielsi Blue Ridge Spring Salamander
G. p. dunni Carolina Spring Salamander
G. p. duryi Kentucky Spring Salamander
G. p. porphyriticus Northern Spring Salamander
Gyrinophilus subterraneus West Virginia Spring Salamander
Haideotriton Georgia Blind Salamanders
Haideotriton wallacei Georgia Blind Salamander
Hemidactylium Four-toed Salamanders
Hemidactylium scutatum Four-toed Salamander
Hydromantes Web-toed Salamanders
Hydromantes brunus Limestone Salamander
Hydromantes platycephalus Mount Lyell Salamander
Hydromantes shastae Shasta Salamander
Necturus Waterdogs And Mudpuppies
Necturus alabamensis Black Warrior River Waterdog
Necturus beyeri Gulf Coast Waterdog
Necturus lewisi Neuse River Waterdog
Necturus maculosus Mudpuppy
N. m. louisianensis Red River Mudpuppy
N. m. maculosus Common Mudpuppy
Necturus punctatus Dwarf Waterdog
Notophthalmus Eastern Newts
Notophthalmus meridionalis Black-Spotted Newt
N. m. kallerti Mexican Black-spotted Newt
N. m. meridionalis Texas Black-Spotted Newt
Notophthalmus perstriatus Striped Newt
Notophthalmus viridescens Eastern Newt
N. v. dorsalis Broken-striped Newt
N. v. louisianensis Central Newt
N. v. piaropicola Peninsula Newt
N. v. viridescens Red-Spotted Newt
Nyctanolis Long-limbed Salamanders
Nyctanolis pernix Nimble Long-limbed Salamander
Oedipina Tropical Worm Salamanders
Oedipina elongata Central American Worm Salamander
Parvimolge Mexican Dwarf Salamanders
Parvimolge townsendi Townsend's Dwarf Salamander
Phaeognathus Red Hills Salamanders
Phaeognathus hubrichti Red Hills Salamander
Plethodon Woodland Salamanders
Plethodon ainsworthi Bay Springs Salamander
Plethodon albagula Western Slimy Salamander
Plethodon amplus Blue Ridge Gray-cheeked Salamander
Plethodon angusticlavius Ozark Zigzag Salamander
Plethodon asupak Scott Bar Salamander
Plethodon aureolus Tellico Salamander
Plethodon caddoensis Caddo Mountain Salamander
Plethodon chattahoochee Chattahoochee Slimy Salamander
Plethodon cheoah Cheoah Bald Salamander
Plethodon chlorobryonis Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander
Plethodon cinereus Eastern Red-backed Salamander
Plethodon cylindraceus White-Spotted Slimy Salamander
Plethodon dorsalis Northern Zigzag Salamander
Plethodon dunni Dunn's Salamander
Plethodon electromorphus Northern Ravine Salamander
Plethodon elongatus Del Norte Salamander
Plethodon fourchensis Fourche Mountain Salamander
Plethodon glutinosus Northern Slimy Salamander
Plethodon grobmani Southeastern Slimy Salamander
Plethodon hoffmani Valley And Ridge Salamander
Plethodon hubrichti Peaks Of Otter Salamander
Plethodon idahoensis Coeur D'Alene Salamander
Plethodon jordani Red-cheeked Salamander
Plethodon kentucki Cumberland Plateau Salamander
Plethodon kiamichi Kiamichi Slimy Salamander
Plethodon kisatchie Louisiana Slimy Salamander
Plethodon larselli Larch Mountain Salamander
Plethodon meridianus South Mountain Gray-cheeked Salamander
Plethodon metcalfi Southern Gray-cheeked Salamander
Plethodon mississippi Mississippi Slimy Salamander
Plethodon montanus Northern Gray-cheeked Salamander
Plethodon neomexicanus Jemez Mountains Salamander
Plethodon nettingi Cheat Mountain Salamander
Plethodon ocmulgee Ocmulgee Slimy Salamander
Plethodon ouachitae Rich Mountain Salamander
Plethodon petraeus Pigeon Mountain Salamander
Plethodon punctatus Cow Knob Salamander
Plethodon richmondi Southern Ravine Salamander
Plethodon savannah Savannah Slimy Salamander
Plethodon sequoyah Sequoyah Slimy Salamander
Plethodon serratus Southern Red-backed Salamander
Plethodon shenandoah Shenandoah Salamander
Plethodon sherando Big Levels Salamander
Plethodon shermani Red-legged Salamander
Plethodon stormi Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
Plethodon teyahalee Southern Appalachian Salamander
Plethodon vandykei Van Dyke's Salamander
Plethodon variolatus South Carolina Slimy Salamander
Plethodon vehiculum Western Red-backed Salamander
Plethodon ventralis Southern Zigzag Salamander
Plethodon virginia Shenandoah Mountain Salamander
Plethodon websteri Webster's Salamander
Plethodon wehrlei Wehrle's Salamander
Plethodon welleri Weller's Salamander
Plethodon yonahlossee Yonahlossee Salamander
Pseudobranchus Dwarf Sirens
Pseudobranchus axanthus Southern Dwarf Siren
P. a. axanthus Narrow-striped Dwarf Siren
P. a. belli Everglades Dwarf Siren
Pseudobranchus striatus Northern Dwarf Siren
P. s. lustricolus Gulf Hammock Dwarf Siren
P. s. spheniscus Slender Dwarf Siren
P. s. striatus Broad-striped Dwarf Siren
Pseudoeurycea False Brook Salamanders
Pseudoeurycea ahuitzotl Imperial Salamander
Pseudoeurycea altamontana Morelos Salamander
Pseudoeurycea amuzga Sierra De Malinaltepec Salamander
Pseudoeurycea anitae Anita's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea aquatica Aquatic Salamander
Pseudoeurycea aurantia Peña Verde Salamander
Pseudoeurycea belli Bell's Salamander
P. b. belli Bell's False Brook Salamander
P. b. boneti Oaxacan False Brook Salamander
P. b. sierraoccidentalis Sonoran False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea brunnata Brown False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea cephalica Chunky False Brook Salamander
P. c. cephalica Chunky False Brook Salamander
P. c. manni Mann's False Brook Salamander
P. c. rubrimembris Red-legged False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea cochranae Cochran's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea conanti Conant's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea firscheini Firshein's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea gadovii Gadow's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea galeanae Galeana False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea gigantea Giant False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea goebeli Goebel's False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea juarezi Sierra Juarez Salamander
Pseudoeurycea leprosa Leprous False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea lineola Veracruz Worm Salamander
Pseudoeurycea longicauda Long-tailed False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea lynchi Veracruz Green Salamander
Pseudoeurycea melanomolga Black Salamander
Pseudoeurycea mixcoatl Mixcoatl Salamander
Pseudoeurycea mystax Mustached False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea naucampatepetl Cofre De Perote Salamander
Pseudoeurycea nigra Black Jumping Salamander
Pseudoeurycea nigromaculata Black-spotted Salamander
Pseudoeurycea obesa Ridge Tail Salamander
Pseudoeurycea orchileuca Sierra De Juarez Worm Salamander
Pseudoeurycea orchimelas San Martin Worm Salamander
Pseudoeurycea papenfussi Muscular Salamander
Pseudoeurycea parva Dwarf False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea praecellens Admirable False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea quetzalanensis Cuetzalan Salamander
Pseudoeurycea robertsi Roberts' False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea ruficauda Orange-tailed Agile Salamander
Pseudoeurycea saltator Leaping False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea scandens Tamaulipan False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea smithi Smith's Salamander
Pseudoeurycea sulcata Chunky False Brook Salamander
Pseudoeurycea tenchalli Bearded Salamander
Pseudoeurycea teotepec Teotepec Salamander
Pseudoeurycea tlahcuiloh Green-flecked Salamander
Pseudoeurycea tlilicxitl Black-footed Salamander
Pseudoeurycea unguidentis Claw-toothed Salamander
Pseudoeurycea werleri Werler's Salamander
Pseudotriton Red And Mud Salamanders
Pseudotriton montanus Mud Salamander
P. m. diastictus Midland Mud Salamander
P. m. flavissimus Gulf Coast Mud Salamander
P. m. floridanus Rusty Mud Salamander
P. m. montanus Eastern Mud Salamander
Pseudotriton ruber Red Salamander
P. r. nitidus Blue Ridge Red Salamander
P. r. ruber Northern Red Salamander
P. r. schencki Black-chinned Red Salamander
P. r. vioscai Southern Red Salamander
Rhyacotriton Torrent Salamanders
Rhyacotriton cascadae Cascade Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton kezeri Columbia Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton olympicus Olympic Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton variegatus Southern Torrent Salamander
Siren Sirens
Siren intermedia Lesser Siren
S. i. intermedia Eastern Lesser Siren
S. i. nettingi Western Lesser Siren
Siren lacertina Greater Siren
Stereochilus Many-lined Salamanders
Stereochilus marginatus Many-lined Salamander
Taricha Pacific Newts
Taricha granulosa Rough-skinned Newt
Taricha rivularis Red-bellied Newt
Taricha torosa California Newt
T. t. sierrae Sierra Newt
T. t. torosa Coast Range Newt
Thorius Mexican Pigmy Salamanders
Thorius arboreus Arboreal Thorius
Thorius aurens Golden Thorius
Thorius boreas Boreal Thorius
Thorius dubitus Acultzingo Pigmy Salamander
Thorius grandis Grand Minute Salamander
Thorius infernalis Atoyac Minute Salamander
Thorius insperatus Surprise Thorius
Thorius lunaris Crescent-nostriled Thorius
Thorius macdougalli MacDougall's Pigmy Salamander
Thorius magnipes Big-footed Thorius
Thorius minutissimus Oaxacan Pigmy Salamander
Thorius minydemus Minute Thorius
Thorius munificus McDiarmid Thorius
Thorius narismagnus San Martin Pigmy Salamander
Thorius narisovalis Upper Cerro Pigmy Salamander
Thorius omiltemi Omiltemi Minute Salamander
Thorius papaloae Papalo Minute Salamander
Thorius pennatulus Veracruz Pigmy Salamander
Thorius pulmonaris Cerro San Felipe Salamander
Thorius schmidti Schmidt's Pigmy Salamander
Thorius smithi Smith's Thorius
Thorius spilogaster Spotted Thorius
Thorius troglodytes Taylor's Pigmy Salamander
Urspelerpes Patch-nosed Salamanders
Urspelerpes brucei Patch-nosed Salamander